Guinean Sole

The word “sole” means “sole of the foot”, “sole” derived from the Latin solea, which means sandal. A Legend tells that Neptune, god of the seas, one day inadvertently walked on a fish. This fish looked like all fish, with one eye on each side. The fish woke with a start and panicked, stung the divine foot with its sting. Neptune, very angry,would have flattened his foot,taking off his poisonous sting,giving him his amazing oval shape and install eyes on the same side of the body, right. Neptune condemned the unfortunate fish to reproduce thus. This legend does not prevent the sole from being one of the finest fishes ever, with delicate, white and firm flesh. It is a very coastal species, particularly abundant on sandy and sandy muddy bottoms, because forced to hide to protect itself can go completely unnoticed. Its tolerance to desalination of water is important, it meets all year in the estuaries. During the day the sole burrows in the sand or the mud, at night it feeds by feeding on organisms living on the bottom (worms, crustaceans, small shells, …).

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Reference:  Synaptura Cadenati

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