Spotted Seabass

The form is slender, the color brilliant; the belly is silvery and the back is steel gray with small rounded dark spots. Especially common fish in coastal areas, in well-oxygenated waters, the rocky coastline, and near sandy beaches with breaking waves. Juveniles frequent estuaries and berries at a younger age before reaching deeper coastal waters. If young people eat small crustaceans, adults look for small fish, crustaceans (shrimps, small crabs) and cephalopod molluscs (squid, cuttlefish …). This species, common, hardly exceeds 50 cm; the most common size varies between 25 and 35 cm. It is usually found under the improper name of “sea trout” in the Mauritanian markets. The neighboring species, Morone labrax, known under the names of Atlantic bar or Mediterranean wolf, is more northern and does not exceed the Moroccan coasts.

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Reference: Dicentrarchus Punctatus

Bar tacheté / Bar / Dicentrarchus Punctatus / Spotted Seabass / Baila / Spigola Punta