Silver Scabbard fish

The body is very long and strongly compressed laterally. Its section is reminiscent of a saber, with a longitudinal depression at midheight of the flanks. The dorsal fin leaves behind the head and reaches the caudal peduncle. It starts with 9 spiny rays raised. The anal also has 2 thorny rays; the first being like a heart-shaped shell, just like the spine that makes up each pelvic bone. The head has very big eyes and a jaw that would make a Barracuda turn pale! The dentition is composed of strong teeth sharp and spaced; the front of the jaws is equipped with long pointed and inwardly inclined teeth, much more developed (about 15 mm) and more in the upper jaw. The branchial arches also have many teeth (gill rakers) just as sharp. The skin of Lepidope is very smooth and covered with a pearly pigment which is easily detached. The whole body is silver and pearly. Lepidope is a benthic predator that feeds on fish and invertebrates. He lives at depths greater than 50 meters. During the day, its activity is less than the night and it happens to see many individuals hunt on the surface after sunset.

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Reference: Lepidospus caudatus

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