Angolan Dentex

This species belongs to the family Sparidae. Sparidae are generally high and compressed body-shaped perciforms, usually with a high and typical frontal profile. The essential characteristic of Sparidae is their dental differentiation and heterodontics. In this family, there is a specialization of the dentition according to the diet of the species: thus the herbivores like the Dentex , the bug and the saupe, carry incisors flat and sharp, the predators, such as the teeth They are minis of hooked canines, and the eaters of crustaceans and shells, as in the case of the pagres, are provided with grinding molars, and lastly the pageots, the eaters of debris, have a dentition similar to that of the porpoises, but less powerful. Another peculiarity of the Sparidae is their frequent hermaphroditism: the individuals can be at first male then female like the Dentex (protandry) or, inversely, female then male like the pageots (progyny). The Angolan tooth is a very common species of the eastern tropical Atlantic. Its eyes are relatively large; the iris is most often bright yellow. He lives on sandy mud bottoms, between 15 and 300 m. It is a small tooth, it can reach 35 cm long.

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Reference: Dentex Angolensis

Denté Angolais / Dentex Angolensis / Angolan Dentex / Denton Angoleno / Dentice Atlantico