Tongue Sole

It is a very coastal species, particularly abundant on sandy and sandy-muddy bottoms, because forced to hide to protect itself can go completely unnoticed. Its tolerance to desalination of water is important, it meets all year in the estuaries. During the day the sole burrows in the sand or the mud, at night it feeds by feeding on organisms living on the bottom (worms, crustaceans, small shells, …). Its growth varies according to the latitude, but that of the female is always faster than that of the male. Each female lays several tens of thousands to more than one million eggs depending on her size. Fished in abundance from February to the end of April and from September to the end of November, they have a short life span.

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Reference:  Cynoglossus Cynoglossus

Sole Tropical / Cynoglossus Cynoglossus / Tonguesole / Lengua / Lingua / Cinoglosso