Black scorpionfish

The scorpionfish are Perciforms with a squat and spiny body, covered with rough scales. The head is cuirassed with plates and bony ridges and armed with strong horns. The dorsal is unique, it has an elongated spiny part and a smaller soft part; the anal is provided with 3 spines. The cauda fin is rounded at Scorpaena porcus. They are coastal or deep benthic fish. Widely distributed in all the world’s seas, they are particularly diversified in the Indo-Pacific. They are confined preferably on the rocky bottom to which they integrate thanks to their mimicry. Thus hidden, they hunt on the lookout for small fish and crustaceans passing within their reach. The spines of the scorpionfish have, at their base, a venom gland making their bites dangerous but not fatal, at least among the Atlantic species. Their flesh is edible and very popular for the preparation of fish soups.

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Reference: Scorpaena Porcus

Rascasse Brune / Bouillabaisse / Scorpaena Porcus / Black scorpionfish / Cabracho / Scorfano nero